Rehab for Roxicet

Addiction affects people from all walks of life. No matter who you are, what you do for a living, your age, gender or education level, addiction can impact your life and the lives of your family.

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain, resulting in obsessive, compulsive behaviors, behavior issues and actual changes in brain chemistry and function.roxicet addiction

Persons who are afflicted with drug addiction will experience intense cravings for drugs and experience crippling anxiety and agitation when they are unable to obtain them. Addicted
persons will often experience depression, isolation, guilt, fear, shame, and denial. These only serve to exacerbate the problem.

Today more than ever, addiction to prescription drugs is affecting Americans both young and old. The ease with which people can obtain these drugs makes the problem worse.

What Are Roxy’s?

“Roxy’s” are a nickname for the drug Roxicodone, a synthetic opioid pain reliever that is often less expensive to obtain than pills like Oxycontin and Vicodin.

One of the characteristics of Roxicodone is that it is a fast-acting, immediate release drug. This can make it more attractive to users.

Roxy Addiction

Just like any other opiate medication, there is a high risk for tolerance, dependence, abuse and addiction. Even when people use the drug as prescribed, there is a risk that they can become addicted or dependent.

People can become confused by the difference between dependence, abuse and addiction. Here is a breakdown of these terms:

  • Tolerance. Tolerance develops when people use a drug over time. When it takes more of the drug to get the same effect, tolerance has developed. If the drug seems less effective or doesn’t affect you, in the same way, it is likely that tolerance has developed. This can happen quickly for some and slowly for others. It really depends on your individual physiology and the dosage. When your tolerance level increases, you are more likely to take more of the drug, or to take it more frequently.
  • Dependence. Tolerance is usually closely followed by dependence. If you abruptly quit taking a drug and experience withdrawals such as shakes, sweats, nausea, headaches, etc. Then you have become dependent on the drug. It is important to note that dependence does not always equal, addiction. It is also important to note that you can become dependent on a drug even if you have used it as directed. As with tolerance, this is an individual thing, each person reacts to drugs differently.
  • Abuse. If you are taking a drug in a way that is different than prescribed, this is abuse. If you are taking a drug that was not prescribed to you, this is abuse. If you are taking a drug for reasons other than what it was prescribed for, or in a recreational or social setting, that is abuse.
  • Addiction. Addiction isn’t the same as physical dependence or even abuse, although these things go hand in hand. Addiction happens when changes in the brain occur that make the user feel compelled to use drugs at any cost. Addiction is characterized by severe psychological cravings, obsessive thinking, and compulsive using. Denial is a common characteristic of addiction, making it more difficult to identify and treat the problem.

About Roxy Addiction

roxicet prescriptionRoxy’s addiction is very serious on several levels. There is always the chance of overdose, particularly when Roxy’s are mixed with other drugs or alcohol. If the user begins to use drugs intravenously, which is common as the addiction progresses, there is the risk of contracting HIV or Hepatitis C, as well as infections and other health complications.

Using Roxy’s and other prescription medications impacts liver health, cardiovascular health, and the immune system.

These are physical consequences, and as bad as these are, some would say they pale in comparison to the psychological and emotional consequences of Roxy’s addiction.

Over time, a person with Roxy’s addiction may become progressively more isolated, may have increased difficulty obtaining the drug, and may find themselves in a downward spiral of painful consequences, such as job loss, homelessness, loss of their partners and children and alienation from family and friends.

Addiction is a progressive disease. This means that it gets worse, not better over time. Addiction improves when the person actively seeks out help for the addiction. This may come in the form of Twelve-step meetings, medical intervention or drug treatment. In any case, support is the best hope for overcoming addiction.

Help For Roxy’s Addiction

The first step in beating Roxy’s addiction is to get your system clear of the drug. This is done by detoxing. Because detoxing from opiates is so difficult, it is often a barrier to getting clean.

Getting help from a medical detox center can help you finally become successful at detoxing from Roxy’s.

Once you have detoxed, the next step is to enter a drug rehab so that you can heal and recover from your addiction. It is important to fully address the addiction and to give yourself a chance to develop new habits and learn how to live life without drugs. Treatment works if you let it, and many people are examples of how effective treatment can be.

Finding An Addiction Treatment Center

If you are ready to get a fresh start a Roxy drug rehab can help you. Need Rehab can connect you with the right treatment center for you. Simply call 877-798-2907 today to find out more. Need Rehab can answer your questions and refer you to a rehab that will help you get your life back.