Rehab for Prescription Pills

Prescription pill addiction has become an increasingly serious issue, particularly over the last
decade. The over-prescribing of pain medications and anti-anxiety medications has left a large population of people who are addicted to benzodiazepines and opiates. nr-19This has reached epidemic proportions and has affected people from all walks of life.

This can be found in many people’s medicine cabinets, and that is often where young people are first introduced to them. High school and even middle school students are introduced to pills like Oxycontin, Norco, Valium, Xanax and Adderall at parties. They are often unaware of what they are taking, and can quickly become addicted or overdose.

Adults may be prescribed opiate painkillers for chronic pain, after a surgery or following dental work. Particularly for those prescribed pain meds for chronic pain, dependence and addiction can come quickly. You may not realize that you have developed a problem until it has become really bad.

Prescription pill addiction is serious. The number of people coming into emergency rooms due to overdose is growing. So are the number of babies being born addicted. Teens are coming in having overdosed on a combination of pills and alcohol, which can be deadly. People are switching from prescription pill use to heroin use, because it is cheaper and easier to get. This opens up further risks of HIV, Hep C and other dangers.

Prescription pill addiction can affect anyone, and it ruins lives. People are losing their health, their security and their families due to addiction. Fortunately, a prescription pill abuse rehab can help.

When Is It Time For A Prescription Pill Rehab?

How do you know when it is time to get help, and where can you find that help? The answer is now. The solution is a prescription pill addiction rehab.

Because of the dangers of prescription pill addiction, it is important to get help as soon as you realize there is a problem. You never know when an overdose or other health
nr-18problem can occur. Because of the nature of opiate and benzo addiction, the problem must be addressed by professionals. It will not go away on its own. People who are addicted to prescription pills not only have to contend with the psychological aspects of addiction, but also the physical symptoms of withdrawal. This is why it is so important to contact a prescription pill rehab.

Here are some signs that you have developed a dependence or an addiction to prescription pills. It is important to note that there is a difference. A person can develop a dependence and not be psychologically addicted to prescription pills. A physical dependence can develop even if you are taking pills as directed. This means that if you abruptly stop taking them, you may experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is more complex. The person who is addicted to prescription pain pills is not only contending with physical dependence, but also a psychological addiction. He or she may feel anxious or agitated when getting low or running out of pills. The addicted person may feel lonely, isolated and depressed, and may stop taking good physical care of themselves. Personal hygiene, eating and sleeping and other basic care may take a backseat to using. He or she may find themselves doing things they may not normally do in order to obtain pills, such as steal pills from others, steal money to purchase them, or go into unsafe places or be around unsafe people to get and use pills. “Doctor shopping” or going into emergency rooms night after night in order to get prescriptions is another sign that there is a problem.

How A Prescription Pill Abuse Rehab Can Help

You don’t have to wait for things to get any worse before getting A prescription pill rehab can help you get your life back under control. In addition to rehab, it is important that you find a detox center that can help you detox from pills and withdraw comfortably and safely. It is important to note that abruptly stopping the use of benzodiazepines can be dangerous, so you must get medical attention to help you detox safely. A medical detox can help by prescribing medications that will make you more comfortable during the detox process. After you have successfully detoxed, you can move on to a prescription pill addiction rehab.

In treatment, you will find warmth, support and solutions. You will get individual counseling, learn to develop new habits and coping skills and how to overcome your addiction. A prescription pill addiction rehab can help you get a fresh start and live a life that isn’t controlled by pills.

Finding A Prescription Pill Addiction Rehab

If you have a problem with prescription medication, a prescription pill rehab can help. Contact Need Rehab today to learn more about rehab, or to find a detox center near you. If you would prefer a prescription pill addiction rehab in a different city or state, Need Rehab can help with that, too. Call 877-798-2907.

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