Rehab for Party Drugs

woman addicted to party drugs

Drug abuse in the United States has been and continues to be a widespread problem. Addiction affects millions of people every year, and it affects families and communities as well. While drug
trends come and go, and drugs like heroin and cocaine have been a real problem for decades, new drug trends are particularly disturbing.

They are known as party drugs, designer drugs and club drugs. Some of them are relatively well-known, such as Ecstasy. Methamphetamines can be considered a party drug as well. But there are other drugs that have entered the scene that have raised huge concerns as they become more popular and more deadly.woman addicted to party drugs

Other party drugs include Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine, and more. Drugs like this are dangerous to your health, and also render the user vulnerable to exploitation or assault.

Party drugs are typically used by adolescents and young adults in — you guessed it — party settings. Drugs such as ecstasy are common at raves and dance parties. Users often don’t understand the risks associated with these drugs, and even believe them to be “safe.”

Ecstasy, or MDMA, is both a stimulant and a psychoactive drug. It imparts a feeling of intense well-being and gives a burst of energy. It also have mild psychedelic effects. The combination of these traits makes it a favorite among ravers and party goers.

Problems often occur when people are given drugs that are impure, or laced with other substances. In addition, the drug itself can cause unsafe rises in body temperature, and dehydration. Young people dancing in hot clubs and not drinking water, or worse yet, drinking alcohol are at risk for severe liver and heart damage. Studies also show that long-term users can suffer from cognitive deficits and memory loss.

Over time, users will find that they need to use more of the drugs to get the same effects. Drugs like Ecstasy and similar stimulants can leave the user feeling severely depressed when the drug
wears off. This “come down” leads the user to seek out more of the drug for relief. This leads to addiction. At this point, a party drug rehab is necessary.

Addiction To Party Drugs

Addiction to party drugs can quickly take over a person’s life. The severe come down leads to depression, agitation, volatile mood swings and even suicidal thoughts. The main priority in life becomes the drug, with little energy or desire for anything else.

Addiction to party drugs can happen quickly. These drugs begin to alter the brain and its chemistry from the first uses. Soon, the person has difficulty experiencing any pleasure from life. This addiction effectively robs all joy from life and creates a powerful, obsessive-compulsive addiction that is hard to overcome without the help of a party drug abuse rehab.

Dangers Of Party Drugs

There are a wide variety of dangers associated with party drugs. Overdose, liver and heart damage, neurological damage and addiction are just a few.

One of the more alarming aspects of party and club drug use is that drug manufacturers are constantly developing new substances to bring to the illegal drug market. They will often formulate new combinations of drugs to stay one step ahead of the law. When a brand new club drug is introduced on the streets, it is not illegal yet. At first, authorities and medical personnel may not know what to make of the new drug, or how to treat overdose or other problems. It can take a while for the scheduling process to take effect and make the drug illegal. Meanwhile, it is being bought and sold and used at parties with no regard for safety.

Examples of this would be “bath salts” and the newer “flakka.” These are stimulant drugs that have proven to be extremely dangerous and addictive.

If you are struggling with party drugs and don’t know where to turn, or if someone you love needs help, a party drug rehab can be the answer.

How A Party Drug Rehab Can Help

Because drugs like meth, ecstasy and bath salts change the brain and create a powerful addiction it is extremely difficult for a person to quit on their own with no support. nr-1An inpatient drug rehab can provide the needed help to overcome the addiction and learn coping skills and relapse prevention tools to stay away from these harmful drugs.

During treatment, residents will receive counseling, education and other therapeutic treatments that help them heal and recover from addiction. It is important to get away from the lifestyle and people associated with using, and to allow the mind and body to heal from the drugs.

Finding The Right Party Drug Abuse Rehab

Finding a party drug addiction rehab right away is important. Locate the best rehab for you by calling Need Rehab at 877-798-2907 today.

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